Principal Investigator

Emily J. Ward [CV]
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Emily is interested in the nature of conscious experience and the neural representations that underlie perception. Before coming to UW-Madison, she received her Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology at Yale and then spent a year as a Visiting Researcher at the Donders Institute in the Netherlands. Before Yale, she studied spatial cognition as a research assistant at the University of Pennsylvania and received her B.A. from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Cole Cimoch
Research Assistant

Cole is a sophomore studying neurobiology and psychology. In the lab, he is interested in working memory and visual awareness. 


Jessie Hwang
Research Assistant

Jessie is a Sophmore from Chicago, IL. In the lab, she is researching object recognition and priming of object features. She plans to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering and hopes to use her mathematical and scientific knowledge to give back to society. 


Jesse Ward
Research Assistant

Jesse is a Senior from Milwaukee. He is studying neurobiology and is interested in topics ranging from the function and formation of dreaming to high-level vision. In the lab, he is studying retro-perception and visual awareness. He plans to stay in research and eventually have his own lab.


Holly Wegenger
Research Assistant

Holly is Junior from Buffalo Grove, IL. She is studying Neurobiology and Global Health in hopes to become a Physician’s Assistant. In the lab, she is looking at the effect of motivation and reward on sustained attention.