Our lab explores the nature of human visual processing, with an emphasis on the ways in which high-level perception interacts with and constrains other processes in the mind. Some of the specific questions that we have explored in the lab are:

  • What determines whether we become aware of something?
  • What factors determine how accurately we perceive something?
  • How do visual factors constrain what we remember?
  • How does the brain transform representations, such as linking two states of an object, for example, before and after an object undergoes a physical state change?

Our lab addresses these topics using a combination of behavioral and functional neuroimaging methods, including both creating novel visual tasks and applying pattern analysis and machine learning to explore neural representations. Collectively, work from our lab has revealed some of the rich ways that perception interacts with the rest of the mind.

For an overview of some current projects, check out this video we made for the Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness Trainee Recruitment Conference :