I am a visiting researcher at The Donders Institute at Radbound University in The Netherlands. Next summer (July 2017), I will be joining the Psychology Department at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

My core area of research is visual perception, with an emphasis on how perception interacts with other cognitive processes. I use a combination of behavioral and functional neuroimaging methods to explore both the nature of conscious experience and the neural representations that underlie perception. At Yale, I worked with Marvin Chun in the Visual Cognition Neuroscience Laboratory and with Brian Scholl in the Perception and Cognition Laboratory. I was supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Prior to coming to Yale, I studied spatial cognition with Russell Epstein at the University of Pennsylvania and received my B.A. from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Check out my visualization of the Vision Sciences Society.

This interactive network features all the co-author relationships for abstracts submitted over the last 14 years (2001-2014). Each node is a unique author and each edge that connects the nodes represents a co-authored abstract. The larger and darker the node, the more abstracts the individual has presented. The thicker the edge between two nodes, the more abstracts the two individuals have co-authored. The strength of these connections dictates the clusters in the network. (There are nearly 14,000 authors and 42,000 co-author relationships, so the network is best explored (patiently) on a computer and not a mobile device.)